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          Our Vision Is To Live And Proclaim The Kingdom Of God And The Gospel Of Jesus Christ In Fullness. The Book, A Document Of Christian Truth By Randy Gingrich, Represents The Beginning Platform By Which This Is Accomplished, As It Teaches Scripture. The Bible In Its Original Language Is God’s Infallible Word For Our Instruction In Righteousness And Road Map Through Life. Therefore, Teachers Of God’s Word Should Make Sure They Are Delivering It As Accurately As Possible. There Is Much Teaching Today That Has Obscured The True Meaning And Application Of Scripture, Placed A Veil Over The Heart Of Believers, And Deprived Christians Of Its Complete Relevant Impact Upon Them. Therefore, It Was Necessary To Write A Book Which Establishes Systematic Theology, Based Upon The Full Counsel Of God (Acts 20:27). A Large Volume Of Christian Truth Is Taught: Election; What Is It, What Is Its Purpose, Man’s Freewill, And How These Relate. The Inner Workings Of God’s Sovereignty And How These Concur With Human Freedom Of Choice Is Shown In Depth, With Consistency With All Subjects. Marriage, Leadership In The Home, Women Pastors, Money And Possessions, Faith For Answered Prayer, Is The Whole Person Born Again Or Just A Part Of Him, Does A Christian Still Have A Sin Nature, The Fear Of God, Defining Legalism, Did Jesus Die Spiritually, Chastisement, Are Apostles And Prophets For Today, And Many More Topics Are Taught With Thoroughness And Clarity, Without Imposing Agendas Upon The Word Of God, Nor Being Controlled By Any Religious Group. This Should Have A Revolutionary, Yet Unifying Effect Upon The Body Of Christ Across The Nation, Even Though It Strongly Rebukes Error! But Make No Mistake, The Word Of God And Jesus Christ Himself Will Divide (Matthew 10:34-35; John 6:66-67; 1 Thessalonians 2:2-4;Hebrews 4:9-13).

          The Honest Approach To Interpreting The Bible, With A Pure Heart Which Endeavors To Practice The Lordship Of Jesus Christ Regarding Doctrine, Is What All Christians, Especially Leaders Should Pursue. It’s Not Easy, But We Must Have This Goal. God’s Word Has Incredible Power To Transform Us Into The Image Of Jesus, When Our Entire Being Is Illuminated To Receive It As God Intended!


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